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SHIELD Features

Customer Support

UBT is here to support you and your service issues. Fueled by our commitment to serving your needs, rest assured that you’re never alone.

Low Cost

UBT requires NO UPFRONT COSTS & NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS, saving you money immediately. Eliminate unnecessary hardware device costs by having your drivers download the SHIELD app.

Easy to Use

SHIELD simplifies your driver’s safety compliance through our user friendly app. UBT offers video tutorials to help familiarize drivers with app usage.

DVIR Management

Generate and assess DVIR’s quickly and efficiently with SHIELD. Safety, compliance and accountability for your entire fleet with a few simple clicks.

Fuel Tax Accounting

Track your fleet’s IFTA fuel tax expenses automatically with SHIELD. We eliminate the need to calculate and allocate costs manually, saving you time and money.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Know where your fleet is at any time! Real time GPS tracking is included with all SHIELD-powered tools, putting you in the driver’s seat of your operation

Compliance Notifications

Let SHIELD notify you of potential violations before they arise! SHIELD notifies you of any potential violation via push notification to help you improve your operations in real time.

Roadside Inspection Mode

Not only is the SHIELD platform driver friendly, it can easily accommodate roadside inspections. “Open up your books” with just a click of a button without any concern for data loss.

Easy Access Reporting

Drivers and management have on demand access to records in one central location. Access driving route, availability and more with only a few clicks.

Digital Logbook Hub

Keep all job and HOS data in one place, even if logged on a different device. With SHIELD, enter your data and let us calculate your Hours of Service.

User Friendly Design

An intuitive layout with easily accessible features located within a single click, SHIELD is easy to navigate and use. Anyone can pick up SHIELD and know how to operate it instantly! With minimal menus and the simplest options, SHIELD teaches you how to navigate the system as you use it!

Future Proofing

SHIELD will continue to be updated and enhanced in the future. Tune in here for future updates.


Duty Status Alerts

Did your driver forget to change their duty status? SHIELD sends text and push notifications to take actions.

Offline Tracking Capability

Is your vehicle in a location lacking a network connection? SHIELD functions seamlessly, regardless of connection status.

Driver Friendly Design

Looking for an easy to use tool for your drivers? Our app was made for drivers to use without the need for training.

Intelligent Self Monitoring

Worried about losing your data during a malfunction? Our system tracks and repairs itself to ensure data accuracy and continuity.

Operator Focused Support

Have an issue or concern? Skip the auto reply and talk to real people on the phone.

One Affordable Price

Worried about multiple access and use fees? UBT offers one price inclusive of everything.

No Contract Required

Concerned about long term contracts and the fine print? With UBT, if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

ECM Scanner Reliability

Worried how your device will perform under pressure? UBT offers multiple ECM scanners to ensure seamless compatibility with your vehicle.

Anticipate Driver Availability

Need to know which drivers are available for work? SHIELD calculates and estimates each driver’s available driving time for the following day.

Simplified Hours Recap

Need an easier way to maintain and access your HOS data? Keep all hours data for your drivers in a safe, secure and accessible location with SHIELD!

Pricing Plan


Per Month/Per Vehicle

All Services Included

Plus $100 Hardware One-time Payment

Billed Annually

In addition to our SHIELD service, we offer a tablet with a data plan provided by Verizon, a tablet mount, and a 12V to 5V DC Power Converter. These are all optional purchases that aren't included within the SHIELD service and are not required for proper SHIELD usage.

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