Your Motorcoach Friendly WiFi Solution

Reliable internet & entertainment platform for operators and passengers

How NetBox helps operators

One solution. A suite of service to meet your needs.

Reimagine the Passenger Experience

  • High speed WiFi & onboard entertainment
  • Monetization options for content access
  • Remote management of content filters & bandwidth

Unify your operational systems

  • Simplified fleet management
  • Monitor & manage driver behavior in real time
  • Remotely activate entertainment & safety features

Improve Risk Management Protocols

  • On demand incident video recordings
  • Simply access to tracking & incident data

Passenger Wi-Fi

Dependable high-speed Internet service. Essential product for operators.

Your WiFi. Your Way.

Take back control of your WiFi management. MegaWifi puts you back in the driver’s seat with near real-time reports and actual controls of your usage. From bandwidth leveling to data usage oversight, we give you the controls you need.

High Quality. Low Costs.

Are your data costs growing out of control? We negotiated the lowest data rates on your behalf, including unlimited data with no overages! Enjoy all of the features for a fraction of the cost!

NetBox + Your streaming media and entertainment platform

Stream & Save

Your passengers want entertainment. You want to save on data costs. We help you meet both needs through our on demand content platform.


UBT has partnered with SWANK Motion Pictures, Inc. to provide the only onboard streaming service with licensed rights to the world’s largest repository of content.

Monetize & Deliver

Turn your onboard tech into your profit center. Ube our built-in payment portal to generate revenue from WiFi and movie streaming.

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Instructions for Use


Enhance the passenger experience with real time tracking.

Where’s My Bus?

Answer service inquiries immediately through real time tracking. Empower passengers with vehicle information with one click.


Give your customers customized visibility of their move with just the click of a button. MegaTrac now included at no additional cost with the NetBox Suite. Start your free trial today.

Pinpoint Location Data

Track your fleet in real time with speed and location data. Analyze route and mileage on demand to optimize your operation.

Core Specs

  • Onbroad power supply designed for VCC monitoring. Device will power on after vehicle launches.
  • 880MHz MIPS processor supports WiFi connectivity for over 60 user terminal devices.
  • 1 gigabit WAN port and 4 gigabit LAN port support auto-MDI/MDIX.
  • 802.11b/g/n/ac with WPA、WPA2、WPA-PSK、WPA2-PSK.
  • A USB 3.0 interface.
  • An expanded Micro SD card.
  • Collect user data from WiFi usage for analysis and strategic planning.
  • Quality of service (QoS) controls and manages network resources by setting priorities for specific types of data on the network.
  • Carrier redundancy and load balance.
  • GPS for accurate positioning and real-time route tracking.
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Technical Features

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