Features of UBT Service

Increase your revenue

Ancillary Fee Engine
Just like the airlines, UBT platforms allow operators to increase profitability by growing ancillary revenues. Maximize your revenue by introducing ancillary (fee) products such as Trip Protection Insurance, Seat Selection, Booking Fee, Rescheduling Fee, Extra Luggage Fee Etc.
Dynamic Inventory Management
Airline-grade seat inventory control. 20/20 visibility into existing and future inventory to increase capacity as needed and to maximize sales.
Digitalize Ticket Pack. Incentivize passenger to reload money into e-Wallet. Get paid ahead of time. Offer modern convenience to passengers to improve the level of satisfaction.
On-demand Pricing
Introduce intelligent pricing flexibility with trend understanding and better inventory management to optimize yield.
Third Party API(s)
Create Multi-channel sales outlets that increase sellers' exposure and customer reach. Increased sales channels to create brand exposure and awareness. Unique UBT conversion tool available.
Ticket Bundle
More onboard spending. Advertise hotels, meals, and access coupons along with your ticket.

Reduce your operation costs

Digital Marketing
Use Email & SMS to attract and retain customers with personalized messages to promote ticket sales and brand awareness.
Intelligent Route Management
Driving Connected trips with Predetermined Route management and Connection Logic. You can easily add, change, remove, and group routes, and set up transfers in the backend system.
Mobile-Based Contactless Ticket Validation
Reduced Boarding Time. Improved Customer Satisfaction. Prevent Fraud. Future Proof.
Passenger Account-Based Ticketing
Empower passengers by allowing account visibility and management such as rescheduling and redemption of reward points. Improved customer satisfaction. Reduce customer service related expenses.
Real Time Notification Alert via SMS & Email
Send via SMS and email real-time alerts or announcements from a centralized backend system across all sales channels to fulfill marketing requirements (such as ticket sales promotion) & operational requirements (such as delay or cancellation of service).
Smart Schedule Management
Need to cancel a busline? Need to move it an hour later due to mechanical issues? No problem, UBT allows you to move your schedule around as needed.

Accelerate your passengers’ satisfaction

Amplified Passenger Onboard Experience
Offer inflight-alike experiences via automated SMS boarding reminders, ETA tracking, and onboard movie streaming over mobile devices, etc.
Branded Passenger App
Customized branded passenger app including purchase tickets, bus tracker, reward points, e-Wallet, and onboard movie streaming. You can also do in-app advertising/announcements and push notifications.
Contactless Payment
Safer and more secured. Fewer fraud losses. Keep the social distancing as needed. Increased customer satisfaction and improved loyalty program. Introducing Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
Loyalty & Reward Program
Encourage repeat purchases. Create Brand Loyalty and Advocates. Retain customers by rewarding existing passengers.
Mobile E-Ticket
Increased ridership. Improved Customer Satisfaction. Reduced Cost. Environmentally Friendly. Savings from Cash Handling.
Coupon Code Generator
Attract New Customers. Speedy and Effective Promotion to upsell and cross-sell. Mass exposure on Social Networks.

Secure your data

Cloud-Based DRaaS

Cross-region and Intercloud Replication

Elastic Load Balancing

Encrypted Tokenization Technology

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

Initiative Host Security

Multi-Level Admin access control

Network Inspection & Risk Control Warning

Real-Time Multi-Site High Availability

SaaS Tenant Isolation Architectures

Scale-Out Architecture

SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption

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