ELD and More

Integrated Electronic Logging Device (ELD) with ELog

Integrated electronic logging device (ELD) with Elog system certified by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA).
  • FMCSA-certified
  • Easy to use
  • Most affordable price in the market
  • Free training included

Centralized OnBoard Broadcasting System

The Centralized OnBoard Broadcasting System allows you to broadcast pre-trip safety announcements, tailored brand recognition messages, etc.
  • The OnBoard Broadcasting Content Management centrally controlled by the motorcoach operator
  • Pre-trip safety announcement and station announcements
  • Automatically deliver different messages based on GPS locations
  • Emergency/breaking news to be broadcasted to any selected number of motorcoaches from your fleet
  • The best platform for generating advertising revenue
  • Operated separately from the OnCoach cinema system

Personalized Charter/Tour Bus App

Revenue-generating app tailored to your specific branding and business needs.
  • Personalized app to reflect your corporate identity
  • Pay-per-use system for on-board WiFi service and/or premium entertainment content: a customizable revenue option
  • One solution for both generating revenue and creating brand recognition

Surveillance Camera System

Integratable 24/7 surveillance camera system available for live streaming
  • NetBox can be integrated with your surveillance camera system to allow you to monitor onboard activity remotely
  • Password protected video feed
  • Supports wired and wireless cameras
  • No additional DVR needed
  • Reduce Insurance premium
  • Resolve liability claims quickly