Full-Spectrum Solution

While your riders enjoy the WiFi and On-Board Entertainment System, UBT takes care of everything else, from call center support and online ticketing to the reward program and online marketing. Your company can stay fully focused on your core business, confident that your riders are getting an outstanding experience.

Online Ticketing and Check-in

  • Centralized ticketing database
  • Sell and manage tickets through multiple online/offline venues
  • Safeguard your sales transactions
  • Manage and minimize credit card chargeback
  • Merge the trend of tickets reservation through industry-leading mobile app and websites
  • Smart check-in system to streamline your boarding process

Customer Service Staffing Solution

  • 24/7 customer service at an affordable rate
  • Well-trained call reps with specialized travel and tour industry knowledge and experience
  • Sophisticated quality control processes
  • Proactive data collection, analysis and reporting to improve your business efficiency

Online Marketing and SEO

  • Marketing tools and expertise to take advantage of social media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your web traffic

Reward and Prepaid Program

  • Similar operation to Starbucks (TM) prepaid card and app
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Improve cash flow
  • Enhance customer convenience
  • Easily communicate with your customers by delivering your promotions to their cell phone

Fleet Fuel Card Program

  • Easy fuel purchases tracking
  • Control and track fuel consumption
  • Prevent unauthorized purchases
  • Eliminate out-of-pocket expenses of drivers
  • Fuel discount and rebates
  • Compatible reports for IFTA

Solutions On Demand

  • One stop turnkey solution for everything related to IT and motorcoach
  • Tailor-made solutions that suit each client’s specific needs
  • Cost-efficient pricing
  • No problem is too obscure for us to solve